I am G. Vijay Kumar, an astrologer (honestastrologer.com), best-selling author, YouTuber, and an ex-corporate HR Sr. Manager.

I spent decades trying to make sense of the world. I have completed my journey from a “plugged-in” Beta male, to an absolutely unplugged (almost) alpha. I could have started this site years ago when my website (honestastrologer.com) became one of the most visited websites for Indian Astrology. But I was not ready.

It is only after my 42nd year that I had my “Aha” moment, and had a set of new eyes. I was disillusioned for a few weeks, but once I came to terms with the reality, I was able to see the code in the matrix, and realized what exactly was going on. I shared this knowledge with some of my near and dear ones. After watching their radical transformation, I decided to finally take up life coaching.

Being HONEST “Life Coaching” is more of a euphuism for “Unemployed” all I see is some coat-wearing snake oil salesmen, MLM sellers and Andrew Tate wanabe 20-something year old kids spewing venom and lies.

Why you should trust me:

I don’t promise that you will buy an Audi or Mercedes, I personally own 2 old hatchback cars. And that’s it.

I haven’t worn a coat in last 5 years

I haven’t worn a tie in last 10 years and will never wear one

I wear acupressure slippers

I am NOT a billionaire and don’t want to be one

I don’t have a yatch full of supermodels to party with

So no snake oil selling here.

I am a simple middle class guy who reads a lot and has found some truths that were hidden from the common men in plain sight.

I will share some simple truths for life and universe which would help you live a much better life and reach your potential. I would have given anything to know this knowledge in my youth. But even today, I consider my “Un-plugging” to be one of the best things that ever happened to me.

For the record most of what you hear about the Matrix on the internet is related to the Western way of working. And no following Andrew Tate will not liberate you from Indian Matrix.

In terms of my Astrological understanding here is the difference:

While western Matrix is made of Venus + Rahu, the Indian Matrix which I call “MAYA” is made of Shani + Moon. Indian Maya is stronger, deeper and older, it starts with the parenting.

You need to wake up to a very different reality. Even what you think is the Matrix is a part of the Indian Matrix or “MAYA” which hides the truth from you.

Take the Red Pill of Truth and find out more about what holds you back.

Hint: It is not what you think

Your reality is not real…!